A Landscape of meadows and tea plantations, picture Picture-perfect River beds, dense forest wood with a plethora of biodiversity, vast expanse of hills. Nature chose the colour green while creating this Duars of West Bengal. Not very far from the hustle bustle of the city has life lain this majestic entrance to the Himalayas or the “doors” better known as The Dooars of North Bengal. Enjoy Hotel Sonali, Lataguri Hotel Photos here.

Lataguri Hotel Photos

After a lovely green turf it is a duplex type structure with large spacious marble finished bed rooms. Double & Trible bedded Deluxe rooms, A jungle view balcony adds spice to the stay. A nice serene jungle stay in reasonable price. To view our room photos you can click here. The aroma of a freshly prepared tea in a misty morning with exotic bird welcoming you is simply an irresistible delight. Nestled around the edge of the Gorumara National Park, lies this mystified property of Hotel Sonali, Lataguri. In Hotel Sonali, Lataguri you can relax in peace with the nature. You can checkout our Facebook Album for more Lataguri Hotel photos.

Lataguri  Photos

Few Lataguri Photos  are kept here for your preview beside this you will find more Lataguri photos around different pages of Hotel Sonali website beside our Lataguri Hotel photos.

Hotel Sonali, Lataguri is the perfect retreat for flower enthusiasts, animal lovers, bird watchers, and etymologists. Here, the wildlife is flourishing, and the surroundings provide a safe denizen for over 250 types of wild animals.

Gorumara Photos

Few Gorumara Photos  are kept here for your preview beside this you will find more Gorumara photos around different pages of Hotel Sonali website beside our Lataguri Hotel photos.

We hope you will like our Lataguri Hotel Photos. Hotel Sonali invites you all for a holiday vacation, be it a wildlife Tour or Leisure Trip or Bird Watching.